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Roku 3 Error 013 or Error 014 with a Virgin Media SuperHub 2

After grabbing a Roku 3 today I found myself in the unfortunate situation where it would not connect to my home network, which is driven by a SuperHub 2 from Virgin Media.  I would receive ‘Error 013’ when trying to connect via ethernet and ‘Error 014’ connecting via wireless.  Fortunately with a bit of faffing this can be fixed.  To get it sorted you’ll need to connect your Roku to a alternate network with internet access, run a firmware update and then change a top secret option.

The Fix

This is all obviously at your own risk.  I’d assume the menus are top secret for a reason!

  1. Turn on your Roku
  2. Connect your Roku to an alternate network. I tethered mine to my phone. This is for a firmware update so keep in mind any data usage limits.
  3. Press the home button 5 times, fast forward button 3 times and rewind button twice
  4. Run the software update (even if your Roku already thinks it is up to date)
  5. Wait for the Roku to reboot then access another top secret menu by pressing the home button 5 times, fast forward button once, play button once, rewind button once, play button once, followed lastly by pressing the fast forward button once.
  6. Disable network pings in the menu and select ‘Back’
  7. Hook the Roku up to your SuperHub

Your Roku will now connect to your enternet or wireless Virgin SuperHub’ed network allowing to continue with the set up wizard. Good times!